Cryptomeria japonica

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Also Known as: Japanese cedar

Height - 70m


Cryptomeria japonica

This attractive slender, pyramidal, evergreen is suitable for shelterbelts, timber, firewood and as an ornamental feature. The red/brown bark peels in vertical strips and the blue/green needles are spirally arranged. The foliage is soft to the touch and may bronze in cold winters. The timber is extremely fragrant, weather and insect resistant, soft, and with a low density

Approximate viable seed per gram: 50

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How to Grow

Recommended pre germination seed treatment:
Seed requires 4 weeks cold stratification. (For details refer to Propagation Information tab at top of the page )

Growing Conditions

Acacia acinacea - Gold Dust Wattle

Acacia baileyana - Cootamundra Wattle, Golden Wattle

Acacia baileyana var Purpurea - Cootamundra Wattle, Golden Wattle

Acacia cardiophylla - Wyalong Wattle

Acacia cultriformis - Knife Leaf Wattle

Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle

Acacia decurrens - Green Wattle

Acacia elata - Cedar Wattle

Acacia falciformis - Hickory Wattle

Acacia floribunda - Sally Wattle

Acacia mearnsii - Black Wattle

Acacia melanoxylon - Australian Blackwood , Blackwood

Acacia pravissima - Alpine Wattle, Ovens Wattle

Acacia pycnantha - Victoria Golden Wattle

Acacia retinodes - Acacia Provincialis, Swamp Wattle

Acacia rubida - Red Wattle

Acacia suaveolens - Sweet Scented Wattle

Acacia terminalis - Sunshine Wattle

Acacia verniciflua - Varnish Wattle

Acaena inermis Purpurea - Purple Haze (NZ Native)

Acaena novae-zelandiae - Piripiri, Red Bidibidi (NZ Native)

Aciphylla aurea - Golden Spaniard, Golden Speargrass (NZ Native)

Aciphylla glaucescens - Blue Spaniard, Spaniard (NZ Native)

Aciphylla scott-thomsonii - Giant Spaniard, Speargrass (NZ Native)

Aciphylla squarrosa - Common Spaniard, Speargrass (NZ Native)

Ackama rosaefolia - Makamaka (NZ Native)

Agathis australis - Kauri (NZ Native)

Albizia julibrissin - Persian Silk Tree, Pink Mimosa, Silk Tree

Albizia lophantha - Cape Wattle, Evergreen Silk Tree

Alectryon excelsus - New Zealand oak, Titoki (NZ Native)

Allcasuarina cunninghamiana - Casuarina cunninghamiana, River She-Oak

Alnus cordata - Alder, Italian Alder

Alnus glutinosa - Alder, Black Alder, Common Alder

Alnus rubra - Alder, Red Alder

Anemanthele lessoniana - Gossamer Grass, Oryzopsis lessoniana, Stipa arundinacea, Wind Grass (NZ Native)

Apodasmia similis - Jointed Wire Rush, Leptocarpus similis, Oioi (NZ Native)

Aristotelia serrata - Makomako, Wineberry (NZ Native)

Arthropodium cirratum - Reinga lily, Rock lily (NZ Native)

Astelia banksii - Shore Astelia, Wharawhara (NZ Native)

Astelia chathamica - Silver Spear (NZ Native)

Astelia fragrans - Bush Flax, Kokaha (NZ Native)

Astelia grandis - Bush Flax (NZ Native)

Astelia nervosa - Mountain Astelia (NZ Native)

Astelia solandri - Kowharawhara, Perching Lily (NZ Native)

Austroderia fulvida - Cortaderia fulvida, Toetoe (NZ Native)

Austroderia richardii - Cortaderia richardii, Toetoe (NZ Native)

Austroderia toetoe - Cortaderia toetoe, Toetoe (NZ Native)

Baumea articulata - Jointed twig-rush (NZ Native)

Beilschmiedia tarairi - Taraire (NZ Native)

Betula papyrifera - Paper Birch

Betula pendula - Silver Birch

Brachyglottis repanda - Bushman's friend, Rangiora (NZ Native)

Brachyglottis repanda var Rangiora - Bushman's friend, K uaha, Pukapuka, Rangiora (NZ Native)

Callistemon citrinus - Bottlebrush, Crimson Bottlebrush

Callistemon salignus - Bottlebrush, White bottlebrush, Willow Bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis - Bottlebrush, Weeping Bottlebrush

Carex albula - Carex albula (NZ Native)

Carex buchananii - Carex Red Rooster (NZ Native)

Carex comans var Frosted Curls - Amazon Mist, Frosted Curls (NZ Native)

Carex comans var Green - Common sedge (NZ Native)

Carex comans var Red - Bronco, Bronze Curls (NZ Native)

Carex coriacea - Carex coriacea (NZ Native)

Carex dipsacea - Tahoata (NZ Native)

Carex dissita - Carex dissita (NZ Native)

Carex flagellifera var Green - Carex flagellifera var Green (NZ Native)

Carex flagellifera var Green-Brown - Carex flagellifera var Green-Brown (NZ Native)

Carex flagellifera var Red - Bronzita, Carex flagellifera var Red (NZ Native)

Carex geminata - Carex geminata (NZ Native)

Carex lambertiana - Carex lambertiana (NZ Native)

Carex lessoniana - Carex lessoniana (NZ Native)

Carex maorica - Carex maorica (NZ Native)

Carex secta - Pukio , Purei (NZ Native)

Carex solandri - Carex solandri (NZ Native)

Carex tenuiculmis - Carex tenuiculmis (NZ Native)

Carex testacea - Prairie Fire (NZ Native)

Carex trifida - Mutton Bird Sedge, Tataka (NZ Native)

Carex virgata - Carex virgata (NZ Native)

Carmichaelia stevensonii - Broom, Hokiawga, Native Broom (NZ Native)

Carmichaelia williamsii - Broom, Giant-flowered broom, Native broom, William s Broom (NZ Native)

Carpodetus serratus - Marbleleaf, Putaputaweta (NZ Native)

Casuarina cunninghamiana - River She-Oak

Casuarina equistifolia - Horse Tail She-Oak

Casuarina glauca - Swamp She-Oak

Casuarina verticillata - Drooping She-Oak

Celmisia armstrongi - Armstrong's Daisy, Lance Leaved Daisy (NZ Native)

Celmisia semicordata - Mountain Daisy, Tikumu (NZ Native)

Ceratonia siliqua - Carob Tree

Cercis siliquastrum - Judas Tree

Chamaecytisus palmensis - Tagasaste , Tree Lucerne

Chionochloa conspicua - Hunangamoho, Snow Grass (NZ Native)

Chionochloa flavescens - Broad Leaved Snow Tussock (NZ Native)

Chionochloa flavicans - Miniature Toe Toe (NZ Native)

Chionochloa rigida - Narrow leaved Snow Tussock (NZ Native)

Chionochloa rubra - Red Tussock, Snow Grass (NZ Native)

Clematis paniculata - Puawhananga (NZ Native)

Clianthus puniceus albus - White Flowering Kaka Beak (NZ Native)

Clianthus puniceus rosea - Kaka Beak, Kowhai Ngutu Kaka, owhai ngutukaka (NZ Native)

Coprosma australis - Coprosma grandifolia, Kanono, Raurekau (NZ Native)

Coprosma brunnea - Brown-stemmed coprosma (NZ Native)

Coprosma grandifolia - Kanono, Raurekau (NZ Native)

Coprosma lucida - Karamu (NZ Native)

Coprosma parviflora - Leafy coprosma (NZ Native)

Coprosma propinqua - Mingimingi (NZ Native)

Coprosma repens - Taupata (NZ Native)

Coprosma rhamnoides - Mingimingi, Twiggy coprosma (NZ Native)

Coprosma robusta - Karamu (NZ Native)

Coprosma rugosa - Needle-leaved mountain coprosma (NZ Native)

Cordyline australis - Cabbage Palm, Cabbage Tree, Ti kouka, Torbay Palm (NZ Native)

Cordyline australis purpureum - Purple Cabbage Tree (NZ Native)

Cordyline banksii - Forest Cabbage Tree, Ti Ngahere (NZ Native)

Cordyline baueri - Norfolk Island Cabbage Tree (NZ Native)

Cordyline indivisa - Mountain Cabbage Tree (NZ Native)

Cordyline kaspar - Three Kings Cabbage Tree (NZ Native)

Cordyline kaspar purpureum - Three Kings Cabbage Tree (NZ Native)

Cordyline pumilio - Dwarf or Pigmy Cabbage Tree, Ti koraha (NZ Native)

Coriaria arborea - Tutu (NZ Native)

Corokia cotoneaster - Korokio (NZ Native)

Corokia cotoneaster var cheesemanii - Korokio (NZ Native)

Cortaderia fulvida - Toetoe (NZ Native)

Cortaderia richardii - Toetoe (NZ Native)

Cortaderia toetoe - Toetoe (NZ Native)

Corymbia ficifolia - Eucalyptus ficifolia, Scarlet Flowering Gum

Corynocarpus laevigatus - Karaka (NZ Native)

Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese cedar

Cupressus macrocarpa - Monterey Cypress

Cyathea dealbata - Ponga, Silver Fern, Tree Fern (NZ Native)

Cyathea medullaris - Black Tree Fern, Mamaku, Tree Fern (NZ Native)

Cyperus eragrostis - Umbrella sedge

Cyperus ustulatus - Giant Umbrella Sedge, Toetoe Upoko-Tangata (NZ Native)

Dacrycarpus dacrydioides - Kahikatea, White Pine (NZ Native)

Dacrydium cupressinum - Red pine, Rimu (NZ Native)

Desmoschoenus spiralis - Golden Sand Sedge, Pingao (NZ Native)

Dianella nigra - NZ Blueberry, Turutu (NZ Native)

Dicksonia fibrosa - Ponga, Tree Fern, Wheki, Wheki-ponga (NZ Native)

Dietes Grandiflora - Fairy Iris, Large wild iris

Dietes Irioides - African iris, Cape iris, Fortnight lily, Morea iris, Wild iris

Dodonaea viscosa - Akeake (NZ Native)

Dodonaea viscosa var purpurea - Purple Akeake (NZ Native)

Dysoxylum spectabile - Kohekohe, New Zealand Mahogany (NZ Native)

Elaeocarpus dentatus - Hinau (NZ Native)

Entelea arborescens - Whau (NZ Native)

Eucalyptus alpina - Ak Gum

Eucalyptus bosistoana - Coast Grey Box

Eucalyptus botryoides - Southern Mahogany

Eucalyptus brookerana - Brooker's Gum

Eucalyptus camaldulensis - Red River Gum

Eucalyptus camphora - Eucalyptus camphora

Eucalyptus cinerea - Silver Dollar Gum

Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum

Eucalyptus cladocalyx - Sugar Gum

Eucalyptus coccifera - Tasmanian Snow Gum

Eucalyptus cordata - Heart-Leaved Silver Gum

Eucalyptus crebra - Narrow-Leaved Ironbark

Eucalyptus crenulata - Silver Gum

Eucalyptus delegatensis - Alpine Ash

Eucalyptus diversicolor - Karri

Eucalyptus fastigata - Brown Barrel

Eucalyptus ficifolia - Scarlet Flowering Gum

Eucalyptus globoidea - White Stringybark

Eucalyptus globulus - Blue Gum, Tasmanian Blue Gum

Eucalyptus grandis - Rose Gum

Eucalyptus gunnii - Cider Gum

Eucalyptus leucoxylon - Yellow Gum

Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea - Red Flowering Gum

Eucalyptus macarthurii - amden Woollybutt

Eucalyptus macrocarpa - Rose Of The West

Eucalyptus macrorhyncha - Red Stringybark

Eucalyptus maculata - Spotted Gum

Eucalyptus marginata - Jarrah

Eucalyptus microcorys - Tallowood

Eucalyptus muelleriana - Yellow Stringybark

Eucalyptus nicholii - Narrow Leaved Pepperment, Willow Pepperment

Eucalyptus nitens - Shining Gum

Eucalyptus obliqua - Messmate Stringy Bark

Eucalyptus ovata - Swamp Gum

Eucalyptus pauciflora - Snow Gum

Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila - Snow Gum

Eucalyptus pilularis - Blackbutt

Eucalyptus pulchella - White Peppermint

Eucalyptus regnans - Mountain Ash

Eucalyptus saligna - Sydney Blue Gum

Eucalyptus salubris - Gimlet

Eucalyptus serraeniss - Eucalyptus serraeniss

Eucalyptus sideroxylon - Red Ironbark

Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea - Pink-Flowering Red Ironbark

Eucalyptus sieberi - Silvertop Ash

Eucalyptus viminalis - Manna Gum

Festuca actae - Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock (NZ Native)

Festuca coxii - Blue Festuca (NZ Native)

Ficinia nodosa - Isolepis nodosa, Knobby Clubrush, Scirpus nodosus (NZ Native)

Fuchsia excorticata - Konini, Kotukutuku, Tree Fuchsia (NZ Native)

Fuscospora cliffortioides - Beech, Mountain beech, Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides (NZ Native)

Fuscospora fusca - Beech, New Zealand Red Beech, Nothofagus fusca, Red Beech, Tawhairaunui (NZ Native)

Gaultheria antipoda - Snowberry (NZ Native)

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis - Thornless Honey Locust

Grevillea robusta - Silky Oak

Griselinia littoralis - Broadleaf, Kapuka, Papauma (NZ Native)

Hakea laurina - Kodjet , Pincushion bush

Halocarpus bidwillii - Bog Pine, Mountain Pine (NZ Native)

Hebe elliptica - Hebe elliptica (NZ Native)

Hebe hulkeana - NZ Lilac (NZ Native)

Hebe salicifolia - Koromiko, Koromuka (NZ Native)

Hebe speciosa - Napuka, Titirangi (NZ Native)

Hebe stricta - Koromiko (NZ Native)

Hedycarya arborea - Pigeonwood (NZ Native)

Heliohebe hulkeana - Hebe hulkeana, New Zealand Lilac (NZ Native)

Hibiscus trionum - Perennial Hibiscus (NZ Native)

Hoheria angustifolia - Hungere , Narrow-leaved Lacebark (NZ Native)

Hoheria lyalli - Mountain Lacebark (NZ Native)

Hoheria populnea - Houhere, Lacebark (NZ Native)

Hoheria sexstylosa - Houhere , Long-leaved lacebark (NZ Native)

Hymenosporum flavum - Frangipani

Indigofera australis - Australian Indigo

Isolepis nodosa - Knobby Clubrush (NZ Native)

Jacaranda mimosaefolia - Jacaranda

Juncus edgarie - Common rush, Juncus gregifolrus, Wiwi (NZ Native)

Juncus gregifolrus - Common rush, Wiwi (NZ Native)

Juncus maritimis - Sea Rush (NZ Native)

Juncus pallidus - Giant Rush, Wiwi (NZ Native)

Knightia excelsa - NZ Honeysuckle, Rewarewa (NZ Native)

Kunzea baxterii - Scarlet Kunzea

Kunzea ericoides - Kanuka (NZ Native)

Laburnum anagyroides - Golden Chain Tree

Larix decidua - European Larch

Leptecophylla juniperina - Mingimingi, Prickly Mingimingi (NZ Native)

Leptocarpus similis - Jointed Wire Rush, Oioi (NZ Native)

Leptospermum scoparium Canterbury - Manuka (NZ Native)

Leptospermum scoparium High-NPA-Westland - Manuka seed from high MGO, DHA honey collection area Westland NZ (NZ Native)

Leptospermum scoparium incanum High-NPA-Northland - Manuka seed from high MGO, DHA honey collection area Northland NZ (NZ Native)

Libertia cranwelliae - Cranwell s Iris, Cranwell s Mikoikoi, Iris, Native Iris, New Zealand Iris (NZ Native)

Libertia grandiflora - Iris, Native Iris, New Zealand Iris (NZ Native)

Libertia ixioides - Iris, Mikoikoi, Native Iris, Tukauki (NZ Native)

Libertia peregrinans - Iris, Native Iris, New Zealand Iris (NZ Native)

Liquidamber styraciflua - American sweetgum, Liquidamber, Sweetgum

Lomandra longifolia - Basket Grass, Spiny-head

Lophomyrtus bullata - Ramarama (NZ Native)

Lophomyrtus obcordata - Rohutu (NZ Native)

Lophostemon confertus - Brush box, Queensland box

Lophozonia menziesii - Beech, New Zealand silver Beech, Nothofagus menziesii, Silver Beech, Southern Beech, Tawhai, t whairauriki (NZ Native)

Machaerina articulata - Baumea articulata, Jointed twig-rush (NZ Native)

Macropiper excelsum - Kawakawa, Pepper Tree (NZ Native)

Melaleuca decora - Myrtle , White Cloud Trea, White Feather Honey Myrtle

Melaleuca ericifolia - Swamp Paperbark

Melaleuca hypericifolia - Dotted Melaleuca, Hillock Bush, Red Honey Myrtle, Red-Flowered Paperbark

Melaleuca linariifolia - Narrow-leaved Paperbark, Snow-in-Summer

Melaleuca stypheloides - Prickly Paperbark, Prickly-leaved Tea Tree

Melicope ternata - Wharangi (NZ Native)

Melicytus ramiflorus - Mahoe, Whiteywood (NZ Native)

Meryta sinclarii - Puka (NZ Native)

Metrosideros excelsa-Red - NZ Christmas Tree, Pohutukawa (NZ Native)

Metrosideros excelsa-Yellow - Pohutukawa Yellow flower (NZ Native)

Metrosideros fulgens - Rata vine, Scarlet rata (NZ Native)

Metrosideros perfororata - White Rata (NZ Native)

Metrosideros robusta - Rata (NZ Native)

Metrosideros umbellata - Southern Rata (NZ Native)

Microlaena avenacea - Bush Rice Grass (NZ Native)

Microlaena stipoides - Meadow Rice Grass, Paatiitii, weeping rice grass (NZ Native)

Moringa oleifera - Drumstick tree, moringa

Muehlenbeckia astonii - Mingimingi, Shrubby tororaro, Wiggywig (NZ Native)

Myoporum laetum - Ngaio (NZ Native)

Myosotidium hortensia - Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not (NZ Native)

Myrsine australis - Mapou, Red Matipo (NZ Native)

Nothofagus fusca - Red Beech, Tawhairaunui (NZ Native)

Nothofagus menziesii - Silver Beech, Southern Beech, Tawhai, t whairauriki (NZ Native)

Nothofagus solandri var cliffortioides - Mountain beech, Southern Beech (NZ Native)

Olearia avicenniaefolia - Akeake (NZ Native)

Olearia paniculata - Akiraho (NZ Native)

Olearia solandri - Coastal tree daisy, Tree daisy (NZ Native)

Oryzopsis lessoniana - Bamboo Grass (NZ Native)

Pachystegia insignis - Marlborough Rock Daisy (NZ Native)

Pachystegia minor - Marlbrough Rock Daisy, Small Marlbrough Rock Daisy (NZ Native)

Parsonsia heterophylla - Kaiku, Kaiwhiria, New Zealand Jasmine (NZ Native)

Paulownia tomentosa - Princess Tree

Pennantia corymbosa - Bellbird Tree, Kaikomako (NZ Native)

Phormium cookianum - Mountain Flax, Wharariki (NZ Native)

Phormium cookianum purpureum - flax, Purple flax (NZ Native)

Phormium Emerald Gem - Dwarf Green tenax, Emerald Gem, Flax Dwarf Green (NZ Native)

Phormium tenax - Flax, Harakeke (NZ Native)

Phormium tenax purpureum - Purple flax (NZ Native)

Picea abies - Norway spruce

Picea pungens glauca - Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce

Pinus pinea - Italian Stone Pine, Stone Pine

Pinus radiata - Monterey Pine

Pittosporum crassifolium - Karo (NZ Native)

Pittosporum eugenioides - Lemonwood , Tarata (NZ Native)

Pittosporum ralphii - Karo (NZ Native)

Pittosporum tenuifolium - Black Matipo, Kohuhu (NZ Native)

Pittosporum tenuifolium ssp colensoi - Black Mapou (NZ Native)

Plagianthus divaricatus - Makaka, Marsh Ribbonwood (NZ Native)

Plagianthus regius - Manatu, Ribbonwood (NZ Native)

Poa astonii - Coastal poa (NZ Native)

Poa cita - Silver Tussock (NZ Native)

Podocarpus totara - Totara (NZ Native)

Pomaderris kumeraho - Golden Tainui , Kumarahou (NZ Native)

Pouteria costata - Tawapou (NZ Native)

Prumnopitys ferruginea - Brown Pine, Miro, Podocarpus ferrugineus (NZ Native)

Prumnopitys taxifolia - Black Pine, Matai (NZ Native)

Pseudopanax arboreus - Five Finger, Puahou, Whauwhaupaku (NZ Native)

Pseudopanax colensoi - Orihou (NZ Native)

Pseudopanax crassifolius - Horoeka, Lancewood (NZ Native)

Pseudopanax ferox - Lancewood, Toothed Lancewood (NZ Native)

Pseudopanax laetus - Five Finger (NZ Native)

Pseudopanax lessonii - Houpara (NZ Native)

Pseudotsuga menziesii - Columbian pine, Douglas Fir, Oregon Pine

Pseudowintera colorata - Horopito, Pepper tree (NZ Native)

Ranunculus lyallii - Mt Cook Lily (NZ Native)

Rhopalostylis baueri var Cheesemanii - Kermadec Island Nikau (NZ Native)

Rhopalostylis sapida - Nikau Palm (NZ Native)

Robinia pseudoacacia - Black Locust

Schefflera digitata - Pate, Seven Finger (NZ Native)

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani - Kapungawha, Lake Club-rush, Schoenoplectus validus, Zebra Rush (NZ Native)

Schoenoplectus validus - Kapungawha, Lake Club-rush (NZ Native)

Scirpus nodosus -

Solanum aviculare - Poroporo (NZ Native)

Sophora chathamica - Kowhai (NZ Native)

Sophora japonica - Japanese Kowhai, Japanese Pagoda Tree

Sophora longicarinata - Kowhai (NZ Native)

Sophora microphylla - Kowhai (NZ Native)

Sophora prostrata - Prostrate Kowhai (NZ Native)

Sophora tetraptera - Kowhai (NZ Native)

Sorbus aucuparia - Mountain Ash, Rowan

Stipa arundinacea - Gossamer Grass, Wind Grass (NZ Native)

Tecomanthe speciosa - Three Kings Vine (NZ Native)

Thuja plicata - Western Red Cedar

Tristaniopsis laurina - Kanooka, Water Gum

Uncinia rubra - Red Hook Grass (NZ Native)

Uncinia uncinata - Hook Grass, Watau (NZ Native)

Uncinia uncinata Red - Red Hook Grass (NZ Native)

Urtica ferox - Ongaonga, Tree Nettle (NZ Native)

Virgilia divaricata - Pink Blossom Tree, Pink Keurboom

Vitex lucens - Puriri (NZ Native)

Weinmannia racemosa - Kamahi (NZ Native)

Wisteria sinensis - Wisteria

Xeronema callistemon - Poor Knights Lily , raupo-taranga (NZ Native)

Acacia Provincialis - Acacia retinodes

African iris - Dietes Irioides

Ak Gum - Eucalyptus alpina

Akeake - Dodonaea viscosa (NZ Native)

Akeake - Olearia avicenniaefolia (NZ Native)

Akiraho - Olearia paniculata (NZ Native)

Alder - Alnus cordata

Alder - Alnus glutinosa

Alder - Alnus rubra

Alpine Ash - Eucalyptus delegatensis

Alpine Wattle - Acacia pravissima

Amazon Mist - Carex comans var Frosted Curls (NZ Native)

amden Woollybutt - Eucalyptus macarthurii

American sweetgum - Liquidamber styraciflua

Armstrong's Daisy - Celmisia armstrongi (NZ Native)

Australian Blackwood - Acacia melanoxylon

Australian Indigo - Indigofera australis

Bamboo Grass - Oryzopsis lessoniana (NZ Native)

Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock - Festuca actae (NZ Native)

Basket Grass - Lomandra longifolia

Baumea articulata - Machaerina articulata (NZ Native)

Beech - Fuscospora fusca (NZ Native)

Beech - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Beech - Fuscospora cliffortioides (NZ Native)

Bellbird Tree - Pennantia corymbosa (NZ Native)

Black Alder - Alnus glutinosa

Black Locust - Robinia pseudoacacia

Black Mapou - Pittosporum tenuifolium ssp colensoi (NZ Native)

Black Matipo - Pittosporum tenuifolium (NZ Native)

Black Pine - Prumnopitys taxifolia (NZ Native)

Black Tree Fern - Cyathea medullaris (NZ Native)

Black Wattle - Acacia mearnsii

Blackbutt - Eucalyptus pilularis

Blackwood - Acacia melanoxylon

Blue Festuca - Festuca coxii (NZ Native)

Blue Gum - Eucalyptus globulus

Blue Spaniard - Aciphylla glaucescens (NZ Native)

Blue Spruce - Picea pungens glauca

Bog Pine - Halocarpus bidwillii (NZ Native)

Bottlebrush - Callistemon salignus

Bottlebrush - Callistemon viminalis

Bottlebrush - Callistemon citrinus

Broad Leaved Snow Tussock - Chionochloa flavescens (NZ Native)

Broadleaf - Griselinia littoralis (NZ Native)

Bronco - Carex comans var Red (NZ Native)

Bronze Curls - Carex comans var Red (NZ Native)

Bronzita - Carex flagellifera var Red (NZ Native)

Brooker's Gum - Eucalyptus brookerana

Broom - Carmichaelia williamsii (NZ Native)

Broom - Carmichaelia stevensonii (NZ Native)

Brown Barrel - Eucalyptus fastigata

Brown Pine - Prumnopitys ferruginea (NZ Native)

Brown-stemmed coprosma - Coprosma brunnea (NZ Native)

Brush box - Lophostemon confertus

Bush Flax - Astelia grandis (NZ Native)

Bush Flax - Astelia fragrans (NZ Native)

Bush Rice Grass - Microlaena avenacea (NZ Native)

Bushman's friend - Brachyglottis repanda var Rangiora (NZ Native)

Bushman's friend - Brachyglottis repanda (NZ Native)

Cabbage Palm - Cordyline australis (NZ Native)

Cabbage Tree - Cordyline australis (NZ Native)

Cape iris - Dietes Irioides

Cape Wattle - Albizia lophantha

Carex albula - Carex albula (NZ Native)

Carex coriacea - Carex coriacea (NZ Native)

Carex dissita - Carex dissita (NZ Native)

Carex flagellifera var Green - Carex flagellifera var Green (NZ Native)

Carex flagellifera var Green-Brown - Carex flagellifera var Green-Brown (NZ Native)

Carex flagellifera var Red - Carex flagellifera var Red (NZ Native)

Carex geminata - Carex geminata (NZ Native)

Carex lambertiana - Carex lambertiana (NZ Native)

Carex lessoniana - Carex lessoniana (NZ Native)

Carex maorica - Carex maorica (NZ Native)

Carex Red Rooster - Carex buchananii (NZ Native)

Carex solandri - Carex solandri (NZ Native)

Carex tenuiculmis - Carex tenuiculmis (NZ Native)

Carex virgata - Carex virgata (NZ Native)

Carob Tree - Ceratonia siliqua

Casuarina cunninghamiana - Allcasuarina cunninghamiana

Cedar Wattle - Acacia elata

Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not - Myosotidium hortensia (NZ Native)

Cider Gum - Eucalyptus gunnii

Coast Grey Box - Eucalyptus bosistoana

Coastal poa - Poa astonii (NZ Native)

Coastal tree daisy - Olearia solandri (NZ Native)

Colorado Blue Spruce - Picea pungens glauca

Columbian pine - Pseudotsuga menziesii

Common Alder - Alnus glutinosa

Common rush - Juncus edgarie (NZ Native)

Common rush - Juncus gregifolrus (NZ Native)

Common sedge - Carex comans var Green (NZ Native)

Common Spaniard - Aciphylla squarrosa (NZ Native)

Cootamundra Wattle - Acacia baileyana

Cootamundra Wattle - Acacia baileyana var Purpurea

Coprosma grandifolia - Coprosma australis (NZ Native)

Cortaderia fulvida - Austroderia fulvida (NZ Native)

Cortaderia richardii - Austroderia richardii (NZ Native)

Cortaderia toetoe - Austroderia toetoe (NZ Native)

Cranwell s Iris - Libertia cranwelliae (NZ Native)

Cranwell s Mikoikoi - Libertia cranwelliae (NZ Native)

Crimson Bottlebrush - Callistemon citrinus

Dotted Melaleuca - Melaleuca hypericifolia

Douglas Fir - Pseudotsuga menziesii

Drooping She-Oak - Casuarina verticillata

Drumstick tree - Moringa oleifera

Dwarf Green tenax - Phormium Emerald Gem (NZ Native)

Dwarf or Pigmy Cabbage Tree - Cordyline pumilio (NZ Native)

Emerald Gem - Phormium Emerald Gem (NZ Native)

Eucalyptus camphora - Eucalyptus camphora

Eucalyptus ficifolia - Corymbia ficifolia

Eucalyptus serraeniss - Eucalyptus serraeniss

European Larch - Larix decidua

Evergreen Silk Tree - Albizia lophantha

Fairy Iris - Dietes Grandiflora

Five Finger - Pseudopanax arboreus (NZ Native)

Five Finger - Pseudopanax laetus (NZ Native)

flax - Phormium cookianum purpureum (NZ Native)

Flax - Phormium tenax (NZ Native)

Flax Dwarf Green - Phormium Emerald Gem (NZ Native)

Forest Cabbage Tree - Cordyline banksii (NZ Native)

Fortnight lily - Dietes Irioides

Frangipani - Hymenosporum flavum

Frosted Curls - Carex comans var Frosted Curls (NZ Native)

Giant Rush - Juncus pallidus (NZ Native)

Giant Spaniard - Aciphylla scott-thomsonii (NZ Native)

Giant Umbrella Sedge - Cyperus ustulatus (NZ Native)

Giant-flowered broom - Carmichaelia williamsii (NZ Native)

Gimlet - Eucalyptus salubris

Gold Dust Wattle - Acacia acinacea

Golden Chain Tree - Laburnum anagyroides

Golden Sand Sedge - Desmoschoenus spiralis (NZ Native)

Golden Spaniard - Aciphylla aurea (NZ Native)

Golden Speargrass - Aciphylla aurea (NZ Native)

Golden Tainui - Pomaderris kumeraho (NZ Native)

Golden Wattle - Acacia baileyana var Purpurea

Golden Wattle - Acacia baileyana

Gossamer Grass - Anemanthele lessoniana (NZ Native)

Gossamer Grass - Stipa arundinacea (NZ Native)

Green Wattle - Acacia decurrens

Harakeke - Phormium tenax (NZ Native)

Heart-Leaved Silver Gum - Eucalyptus cordata

Hebe elliptica - Hebe elliptica (NZ Native)

Hebe hulkeana - Heliohebe hulkeana (NZ Native)

Hickory Wattle - Acacia falciformis

Hillock Bush - Melaleuca hypericifolia

Hinau - Elaeocarpus dentatus (NZ Native)

Hokiawga - Carmichaelia stevensonii (NZ Native)

Hook Grass - Uncinia uncinata (NZ Native)

Horoeka - Pseudopanax crassifolius (NZ Native)

Horopito - Pseudowintera colorata (NZ Native)

Horse Tail She-Oak - Casuarina equistifolia

Houhere - Hoheria populnea (NZ Native)

Houhere - Hoheria sexstylosa (NZ Native)

Houpara - Pseudopanax lessonii (NZ Native)

Hunangamoho - Chionochloa conspicua (NZ Native)

Hungere - Hoheria angustifolia (NZ Native)

Iris - Libertia grandiflora (NZ Native)

Iris - Libertia peregrinans (NZ Native)

Iris - Libertia ixioides (NZ Native)

Iris - Libertia cranwelliae (NZ Native)

Isolepis nodosa - Ficinia nodosa (NZ Native)

Italian Alder - Alnus cordata

Italian Stone Pine - Pinus pinea

Jacaranda - Jacaranda mimosaefolia

Japanese cedar - Cryptomeria japonica

Japanese Kowhai - Sophora japonica

Japanese Pagoda Tree - Sophora japonica

Jarrah - Eucalyptus marginata

Jointed twig-rush - Baumea articulata (NZ Native)

Jointed twig-rush - Machaerina articulata (NZ Native)

Jointed Wire Rush - Apodasmia similis (NZ Native)

Jointed Wire Rush - Leptocarpus similis (NZ Native)

Judas Tree - Cercis siliquastrum

Juncus gregifolrus - Juncus edgarie (NZ Native)

Kahikatea - Dacrycarpus dacrydioides (NZ Native)

Kaikomako - Pennantia corymbosa (NZ Native)

Kaiku - Parsonsia heterophylla (NZ Native)

Kaiwhiria - Parsonsia heterophylla (NZ Native)

Kaka Beak - Clianthus puniceus rosea (NZ Native)

Kamahi - Weinmannia racemosa (NZ Native)

Kanono - Coprosma australis (NZ Native)

Kanono - Coprosma grandifolia (NZ Native)

Kanooka - Tristaniopsis laurina

Kanuka - Kunzea ericoides (NZ Native)

Kapuka - Griselinia littoralis (NZ Native)

Kapungawha - Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (NZ Native)

Kapungawha - Schoenoplectus validus (NZ Native)

Karaka - Corynocarpus laevigatus (NZ Native)

Karamu - Coprosma lucida (NZ Native)

Karamu - Coprosma robusta (NZ Native)

Karo - Pittosporum crassifolium (NZ Native)

Karo - Pittosporum ralphii (NZ Native)

Karri - Eucalyptus diversicolor

Kauri - Agathis australis (NZ Native)

Kawakawa - Macropiper excelsum (NZ Native)

Kermadec Island Nikau - Rhopalostylis baueri var Cheesemanii (NZ Native)

Knife Leaf Wattle - Acacia cultriformis

Knobby Clubrush - Ficinia nodosa (NZ Native)

Knobby Clubrush - Isolepis nodosa (NZ Native)

Kodjet - Hakea laurina

Kohekohe - Dysoxylum spectabile (NZ Native)

Kohuhu - Pittosporum tenuifolium (NZ Native)

Kokaha - Astelia fragrans (NZ Native)

Konini - Fuchsia excorticata (NZ Native)

Korokio - Corokia cotoneaster (NZ Native)

Korokio - Corokia cotoneaster var cheesemanii (NZ Native)

Koromiko - Hebe salicifolia (NZ Native)

Koromiko - Hebe stricta (NZ Native)

Koromuka - Hebe salicifolia (NZ Native)

Kotukutuku - Fuchsia excorticata (NZ Native)

K uaha - Brachyglottis repanda var Rangiora (NZ Native)

Kowhai - Sophora chathamica (NZ Native)

Kowhai - Sophora longicarinata (NZ Native)

Kowhai - Sophora microphylla (NZ Native)

Kowhai - Sophora tetraptera (NZ Native)

Kowhai Ngutu Kaka - Clianthus puniceus rosea (NZ Native)

Kowharawhara - Astelia solandri (NZ Native)

Kumarahou - Pomaderris kumeraho (NZ Native)

Lacebark - Hoheria populnea (NZ Native)

Lake Club-rush - Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (NZ Native)

Lake Club-rush - Schoenoplectus validus (NZ Native)

Lance Leaved Daisy - Celmisia armstrongi (NZ Native)

Lancewood - Pseudopanax crassifolius (NZ Native)

Lancewood - Pseudopanax ferox (NZ Native)

Large wild iris - Dietes Grandiflora

Leafy coprosma - Coprosma parviflora (NZ Native)

Lemon Scented Gum - Eucalyptus citriodora

Lemonwood - Pittosporum eugenioides (NZ Native)

Leptocarpus similis - Apodasmia similis (NZ Native)

Liquidamber - Liquidamber styraciflua

Long-leaved lacebark - Hoheria sexstylosa (NZ Native)

Mahoe - Melicytus ramiflorus (NZ Native)

Makaka - Plagianthus divaricatus (NZ Native)

Makamaka - Ackama rosaefolia (NZ Native)

Makomako - Aristotelia serrata (NZ Native)

Mamaku - Cyathea medullaris (NZ Native)

Manatu - Plagianthus regius (NZ Native)

Manna Gum - Eucalyptus viminalis

Manuka - Leptospermum scoparium Canterbury (NZ Native)

Manuka seed from high MGO, DHA honey collection area Northland NZ - Leptospermum scoparium incanum High-NPA-Northland (NZ Native)

Manuka seed from high MGO, DHA honey collection area Westland NZ - Leptospermum scoparium High-NPA-Westland (NZ Native)

Mapou - Myrsine australis (NZ Native)

Marbleleaf - Carpodetus serratus (NZ Native)

Marlborough Rock Daisy - Pachystegia insignis (NZ Native)

Marlbrough Rock Daisy - Pachystegia minor (NZ Native)

Marsh Ribbonwood - Plagianthus divaricatus (NZ Native)

Matai - Prumnopitys taxifolia (NZ Native)

Meadow Rice Grass - Microlaena stipoides (NZ Native)

Messmate Stringy Bark - Eucalyptus obliqua

Mikoikoi - Libertia ixioides (NZ Native)

Mingimingi - Coprosma propinqua (NZ Native)

Mingimingi - Muehlenbeckia astonii (NZ Native)

Mingimingi - Leptecophylla juniperina (NZ Native)

Mingimingi - Coprosma rhamnoides (NZ Native)

Miniature Toe Toe - Chionochloa flavicans (NZ Native)

Miro - Prumnopitys ferruginea (NZ Native)

Monterey Cypress - Cupressus macrocarpa

Monterey Pine - Pinus radiata

Morea iris - Dietes Irioides

moringa - Moringa oleifera

Mountain Ash - Eucalyptus regnans

Mountain Ash - Sorbus aucuparia

Mountain Astelia - Astelia nervosa (NZ Native)

Mountain beech - Fuscospora cliffortioides (NZ Native)

Mountain beech - Nothofagus solandri var cliffortioides (NZ Native)

Mountain Cabbage Tree - Cordyline indivisa (NZ Native)

Mountain Daisy - Celmisia semicordata (NZ Native)

Mountain Flax - Phormium cookianum (NZ Native)

Mountain Lacebark - Hoheria lyalli (NZ Native)

Mountain Pine - Halocarpus bidwillii (NZ Native)

Mt Cook Lily - Ranunculus lyallii (NZ Native)

Mutton Bird Sedge - Carex trifida (NZ Native)

Myrtle - Melaleuca decora

Napuka - Hebe speciosa (NZ Native)

Narrow Leaved Pepperment - Eucalyptus nicholii

Narrow leaved Snow Tussock - Chionochloa rigida (NZ Native)

Narrow-Leaved Ironbark - Eucalyptus crebra

Narrow-leaved Lacebark - Hoheria angustifolia (NZ Native)

Narrow-leaved Paperbark - Melaleuca linariifolia

Native broom - Carmichaelia williamsii (NZ Native)

Native Broom - Carmichaelia stevensonii (NZ Native)

Native Iris - Libertia grandiflora (NZ Native)

Native Iris - Libertia ixioides (NZ Native)

Native Iris - Libertia peregrinans (NZ Native)

Native Iris - Libertia cranwelliae (NZ Native)

Needle-leaved mountain coprosma - Coprosma rugosa (NZ Native)

New Zealand Iris - Libertia grandiflora (NZ Native)

New Zealand Iris - Libertia cranwelliae (NZ Native)

New Zealand Iris - Libertia peregrinans (NZ Native)

New Zealand Jasmine - Parsonsia heterophylla (NZ Native)

New Zealand Lilac - Heliohebe hulkeana (NZ Native)

New Zealand Mahogany - Dysoxylum spectabile (NZ Native)

New Zealand oak - Alectryon excelsus (NZ Native)

New Zealand Red Beech - Fuscospora fusca (NZ Native)

New Zealand silver Beech - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Ngaio - Myoporum laetum (NZ Native)

Nikau Palm - Rhopalostylis sapida (NZ Native)

Norfolk Island Cabbage Tree - Cordyline baueri (NZ Native)

Norway spruce - Picea abies

Nothofagus fusca - Fuscospora fusca (NZ Native)

Nothofagus menziesii - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides - Fuscospora cliffortioides (NZ Native)

NZ Blueberry - Dianella nigra (NZ Native)

NZ Christmas Tree - Metrosideros excelsa-Red (NZ Native)

NZ Honeysuckle - Knightia excelsa (NZ Native)

NZ Lilac - Hebe hulkeana (NZ Native)

Oioi - Apodasmia similis (NZ Native)

Oioi - Leptocarpus similis (NZ Native)

Ongaonga - Urtica ferox (NZ Native)

Oregon Pine - Pseudotsuga menziesii

Orihou - Pseudopanax colensoi (NZ Native)

Oryzopsis lessoniana - Anemanthele lessoniana (NZ Native)

Ovens Wattle - Acacia pravissima

owhai ngutukaka - Clianthus puniceus rosea (NZ Native)

Paatiitii - Microlaena stipoides (NZ Native)

Papauma - Griselinia littoralis (NZ Native)

Paper Birch - Betula papyrifera

Pate - Schefflera digitata (NZ Native)

Pepper Tree - Macropiper excelsum (NZ Native)

Pepper tree - Pseudowintera colorata (NZ Native)

Perching Lily - Astelia solandri (NZ Native)

Perennial Hibiscus - Hibiscus trionum (NZ Native)

Persian Silk Tree - Albizia julibrissin

Pigeonwood - Hedycarya arborea (NZ Native)

Pincushion bush - Hakea laurina

Pingao - Desmoschoenus spiralis (NZ Native)

Pink Blossom Tree - Virgilia divaricata

Pink Keurboom - Virgilia divaricata

Pink Mimosa - Albizia julibrissin

Pink-Flowering Red Ironbark - Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea

Piripiri - Acaena novae-zelandiae (NZ Native)

Podocarpus ferrugineus - Prumnopitys ferruginea (NZ Native)

Pohutukawa - Metrosideros excelsa-Red (NZ Native)

Pohutukawa Yellow flower - Metrosideros excelsa-Yellow (NZ Native)

Ponga - Cyathea dealbata (NZ Native)

Ponga - Dicksonia fibrosa (NZ Native)

Poor Knights Lily - Xeronema callistemon (NZ Native)

Poroporo - Solanum aviculare (NZ Native)

Prairie Fire - Carex testacea (NZ Native)

Prickly Mingimingi - Leptecophylla juniperina (NZ Native)

Prickly Paperbark - Melaleuca stypheloides

Prickly-leaved Tea Tree - Melaleuca stypheloides

Princess Tree - Paulownia tomentosa

Prostrate Kowhai - Sophora prostrata (NZ Native)

Puahou - Pseudopanax arboreus (NZ Native)

Puawhananga - Clematis paniculata (NZ Native)

Puka - Meryta sinclarii (NZ Native)

Pukapuka - Brachyglottis repanda var Rangiora (NZ Native)

Pukio - Carex secta (NZ Native)

Purei - Carex secta (NZ Native)

Puriri - Vitex lucens (NZ Native)

Purple Akeake - Dodonaea viscosa var purpurea (NZ Native)

Purple Cabbage Tree - Cordyline australis purpureum (NZ Native)

Purple flax - Phormium tenax purpureum (NZ Native)

Purple flax - Phormium cookianum purpureum (NZ Native)

Purple Haze - Acaena inermis Purpurea (NZ Native)

Putaputaweta - Carpodetus serratus (NZ Native)

Queensland box - Lophostemon confertus

Ramarama - Lophomyrtus bullata (NZ Native)

Rangiora - Brachyglottis repanda var Rangiora (NZ Native)

Rangiora - Brachyglottis repanda (NZ Native)

Rata - Metrosideros robusta (NZ Native)

Rata vine - Metrosideros fulgens (NZ Native)

raupo-taranga - Xeronema callistemon (NZ Native)

Raurekau - Coprosma australis (NZ Native)

Raurekau - Coprosma grandifolia (NZ Native)

Red Alder - Alnus rubra

Red Beech - Nothofagus fusca (NZ Native)

Red Beech - Fuscospora fusca (NZ Native)

Red Bidibidi - Acaena novae-zelandiae (NZ Native)

Red Flowering Gum - Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea

Red Honey Myrtle - Melaleuca hypericifolia

Red Hook Grass - Uncinia uncinata Red (NZ Native)

Red Hook Grass - Uncinia rubra (NZ Native)

Red Ironbark - Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Red Matipo - Myrsine australis (NZ Native)

Red pine - Dacrydium cupressinum (NZ Native)

Red River Gum - Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Red Stringybark - Eucalyptus macrorhyncha

Red Tussock - Chionochloa rubra (NZ Native)

Red Wattle - Acacia rubida

Red-Flowered Paperbark - Melaleuca hypericifolia

Reinga lily - Arthropodium cirratum (NZ Native)

Rewarewa - Knightia excelsa (NZ Native)

Ribbonwood - Plagianthus regius (NZ Native)

Rimu - Dacrydium cupressinum (NZ Native)

River She-Oak - Casuarina cunninghamiana

River She-Oak - Allcasuarina cunninghamiana

Rock lily - Arthropodium cirratum (NZ Native)

Rohutu - Lophomyrtus obcordata (NZ Native)

Rose Gum - Eucalyptus grandis

Rose Of The West - Eucalyptus macrocarpa

Rowan - Sorbus aucuparia

Sally Wattle - Acacia floribunda

Scarlet Flowering Gum - Eucalyptus ficifolia

Scarlet Flowering Gum - Corymbia ficifolia

Scarlet Kunzea - Kunzea baxterii

Scarlet rata - Metrosideros fulgens (NZ Native)

Schoenoplectus validus - Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (NZ Native)

Scirpus nodosus - Ficinia nodosa (NZ Native)

Sea Rush - Juncus maritimis (NZ Native)

Seven Finger - Schefflera digitata (NZ Native)

Shining Gum - Eucalyptus nitens

Shore Astelia - Astelia banksii (NZ Native)

Shrubby tororaro - Muehlenbeckia astonii (NZ Native)

Silk Tree - Albizia julibrissin

Silky Oak - Grevillea robusta

Silver Beech - Nothofagus menziesii (NZ Native)

Silver Beech - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Silver Birch - Betula pendula

Silver Dollar Gum - Eucalyptus cinerea

Silver Fern - Cyathea dealbata (NZ Native)

Silver Gum - Eucalyptus crenulata

Silver Spear - Astelia chathamica (NZ Native)

Silver Tussock - Poa cita (NZ Native)

Silver Wattle - Acacia dealbata

Silvertop Ash - Eucalyptus sieberi

Small Marlbrough Rock Daisy - Pachystegia minor (NZ Native)

Snow Grass - Chionochloa conspicua (NZ Native)

Snow Grass - Chionochloa rubra (NZ Native)

Snow Gum - Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila

Snow Gum - Eucalyptus pauciflora

Snow-in-Summer - Melaleuca linariifolia

Snowberry - Gaultheria antipoda (NZ Native)

Southern Beech - Nothofagus solandri var cliffortioides (NZ Native)

Southern Beech - Nothofagus menziesii (NZ Native)

Southern Beech - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Southern Mahogany - Eucalyptus botryoides

Southern Rata - Metrosideros umbellata (NZ Native)

Spaniard - Aciphylla glaucescens (NZ Native)

Speargrass - Aciphylla scott-thomsonii (NZ Native)

Speargrass - Aciphylla squarrosa (NZ Native)

Spiny-head - Lomandra longifolia

Spotted Gum - Eucalyptus maculata

Stipa arundinacea - Anemanthele lessoniana (NZ Native)

Stone Pine - Pinus pinea

Sugar Gum - Eucalyptus cladocalyx

Sunshine Wattle - Acacia terminalis

Swamp Gum - Eucalyptus ovata

Swamp Paperbark - Melaleuca ericifolia

Swamp She-Oak - Casuarina glauca

Swamp Wattle - Acacia retinodes

Sweet Scented Wattle - Acacia suaveolens

Sweetgum - Liquidamber styraciflua

Sydney Blue Gum - Eucalyptus saligna

Tagasaste - Chamaecytisus palmensis

Tahoata - Carex dipsacea (NZ Native)

Tallowood - Eucalyptus microcorys

Taraire - Beilschmiedia tarairi (NZ Native)

Tarata - Pittosporum eugenioides (NZ Native)

Tasmanian Blue Gum - Eucalyptus globulus

Tasmanian Snow Gum - Eucalyptus coccifera

Tataka - Carex trifida (NZ Native)

Taupata - Coprosma repens (NZ Native)

Tawapou - Pouteria costata (NZ Native)

Tawhai - Nothofagus menziesii (NZ Native)

Tawhai - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Tawhairaunui - Nothofagus fusca (NZ Native)

Tawhairaunui - Fuscospora fusca (NZ Native)

t whairauriki - Nothofagus menziesii (NZ Native)

t whairauriki - Lophozonia menziesii (NZ Native)

Thornless Honey Locust - Gleditsia triacanthos inermis

Three Kings Cabbage Tree - Cordyline kaspar purpureum (NZ Native)

Three Kings Cabbage Tree - Cordyline kaspar (NZ Native)

Three Kings Vine - Tecomanthe speciosa (NZ Native)

Ti koraha - Cordyline pumilio (NZ Native)

Ti kouka - Cordyline australis (NZ Native)

Ti Ngahere - Cordyline banksii (NZ Native)

Tikumu - Celmisia semicordata (NZ Native)

Titirangi - Hebe speciosa (NZ Native)

Titoki - Alectryon excelsus (NZ Native)

Toetoe - Cortaderia fulvida (NZ Native)

Toetoe - Cortaderia richardii (NZ Native)

Toetoe - Cortaderia toetoe (NZ Native)

Toetoe - Austroderia fulvida (NZ Native)

Toetoe - Austroderia toetoe (NZ Native)

Toetoe - Austroderia richardii (NZ Native)

Toetoe Upoko-Tangata - Cyperus ustulatus (NZ Native)

Toothed Lancewood - Pseudopanax ferox (NZ Native)

Torbay Palm - Cordyline australis (NZ Native)

Totara - Podocarpus totara (NZ Native)

Tree daisy - Olearia solandri (NZ Native)

Tree Fern - Cyathea dealbata (NZ Native)

Tree Fern - Cyathea medullaris (NZ Native)

Tree Fern - Dicksonia fibrosa (NZ Native)

Tree Fuchsia - Fuchsia excorticata (NZ Native)

Tree Lucerne - Chamaecytisus palmensis

Tree Nettle - Urtica ferox (NZ Native)

Tukauki - Libertia ixioides (NZ Native)

Turutu - Dianella nigra (NZ Native)

Tutu - Coriaria arborea (NZ Native)

Twiggy coprosma - Coprosma rhamnoides (NZ Native)

Umbrella sedge - Cyperus eragrostis

Varnish Wattle - Acacia verniciflua

Victoria Golden Wattle - Acacia pycnantha

Watau - Uncinia uncinata (NZ Native)

Water Gum - Tristaniopsis laurina

Weeping Bottlebrush - Callistemon viminalis

weeping rice grass - Microlaena stipoides (NZ Native)

Western Red Cedar - Thuja plicata

Wharangi - Melicope ternata (NZ Native)

Wharariki - Phormium cookianum (NZ Native)

Wharawhara - Astelia banksii (NZ Native)

Whau - Entelea arborescens (NZ Native)

Whauwhaupaku - Pseudopanax arboreus (NZ Native)

Wheki - Dicksonia fibrosa (NZ Native)

Wheki-ponga - Dicksonia fibrosa (NZ Native)

White bottlebrush - Callistemon salignus

White Cloud Trea - Melaleuca decora

White Feather Honey Myrtle - Melaleuca decora

White Flowering Kaka Beak - Clianthus puniceus albus (NZ Native)

White Peppermint - Eucalyptus pulchella

White Pine - Dacrycarpus dacrydioides (NZ Native)

White Rata - Metrosideros perfororata (NZ Native)

White Stringybark - Eucalyptus globoidea

Whiteywood - Melicytus ramiflorus (NZ Native)

Wiggywig - Muehlenbeckia astonii (NZ Native)

Wild iris - Dietes Irioides

William s Broom - Carmichaelia williamsii (NZ Native)

Willow Bottlebrush - Callistemon salignus

Willow Pepperment - Eucalyptus nicholii

Wind Grass - Anemanthele lessoniana (NZ Native)

Wind Grass - Stipa arundinacea (NZ Native)

Wineberry - Aristotelia serrata (NZ Native)

Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis

Wiwi - Juncus pallidus (NZ Native)

Wiwi - Juncus edgarie (NZ Native)

Wiwi - Juncus gregifolrus (NZ Native)

Wyalong Wattle - Acacia cardiophylla

Yellow Gum - Eucalyptus leucoxylon

Yellow Stringybark - Eucalyptus muelleriana

Zebra Rush - Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (NZ Native)