Useful Links

New Zealand Organisations 

Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture Encourage and improve horticulture in New Zealand. 

Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society New Zealand's leading independent conservation organisation.

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network Vast amouts of information on NZ native plants.

Landscaping New Zealand Accredited landscape designers or landscape contractors

Hebe Society Promotes the cultivation and conservation of hebes and other New Zealand native plants.

Hidden Forest Primitive New Zealand plants. Fungi, lichens, slime moulds.

Bushman's Friend NZ Native Plants New Zealand native plants ID, photos and articles.


Importing Seed

It is the importer's responsibility to ensure that import requirements are met.

UK seed Imports
Now the UK has left the EU there are new plant health requirements in place to import seeds into the UK. Please see below for guidance.

USA seed Imports
APHIS regulates the import seeds into the United States.
Please see below for guidance.

Department of agriculture, fisheries and forestry. regulates the import seeds into Australia
Please see below for guidance.

EU seed imports
Please see below for guidance

All other countries refer to your Goverments plant protection organisation (requirements for importing seed for sowing).

Other Organisations Around the World

Royal Horticultural Society - United Kingdom

National Garden Scheme - United Kingdom

Australia's Open Garden Scheme

UK Ultimate Guide to Bee Keeping

BBC Gardening

Arena Flowers

The National Gardening Association

BBC Gardening guides.)

National Gardening Association


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